How To Move Heavy Items Like Pianos, Safes, & Hot Tubs

How To Move Heavy Items Like Pianos, Safes, & Hot Tubs

May 18, 2023

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Moving heavy items like pianos, safes, and hot tubs can be a daunting task, even for those who are skilled in moving furniture. These items are often bulky, heavy, and require specialized equipment and techniques to move safely and efficiently. In this article, we’ll explore some tips and tricks for moving heavy items like pianos, safes, and hot tubs.


Pianos are delicate instruments that require careful handling during transportation. They are also heavy, with upright pianos often weighing between 500 and 800 pounds and grand pianos weighing between 500 and 1,000 pounds.

Tip 1: Use specialized equipment

To move a piano, you will need specialized equipment, such as a piano dolly, straps, and moving blankets. Piano dollies are designed to distribute the weight of the piano evenly and can be rented from a moving supply store or purchased online.

Tip 2: Wrap the piano

Wrap the piano in moving blankets to protect it from scratches and dents. Secure the blankets with packing tape or moving straps.

Tip 3: Use a team

Moving a piano requires a team of at least three people. One person should be at the piano’s front, two people behind, and one person guiding the piano’s movement.

Tip 4: Move it carefully

When moving a piano, ensure a clear path is created from the piano’s current location to its new location. Move the piano slowly and carefully, avoiding sudden movements that can cause damage to the instrument.


Safes are essential for keeping your valuable belongings safe and secure. However, they can be extremely difficult to move. Safes can weigh up to several hundred pounds and may require specialized equipment depending on their size and type.

Tip 1: Measure before moving

Before moving a safe, measure the safe’s dimensions and the space it needs to move through to get to its new location. This will ensure that the safe can be moved safely and efficiently.

Tip 2: Use a dolly or lift

A safe dolly or lift can be used to move heavy safes safely. If a lift is not available, a dolly can be used to move smaller safes. For larger safes, a motorized stair-climbing dolly or hydraulic lift may be needed.

Tip 3: Protect it

Use moving blankets or padding to protect the safe from scratches and dents during transportation.

Tip 4: Work with a team

Moving a safe requires a team effort. Make sure that you have enough people to lift and balance the safe, ensuring that it does not tip over or shift during movement.

Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are relaxing additions to any home, but they can be challenging to move. They can weigh up to 1,500 pounds when filled with water and require specialized equipment to move.

Tip 1: Reduce the water level

To make the hot tub easier to move, reduce the water level before moving. This will help to reduce the tub’s weight and make it easier to balance.

Tip 2: Use a trailer

A hot tub trailer or specialized flatbed trailer can be used to transport a hot tub. These trailers have ramps that allow the hot tub to be rolled onto the trailer safely.

Tip 3: Work with a team

Moving a hot tub requires a team of at least four people. One person should be assigned as a spotter to guide the tub’s movement, and the other three people should be positioned on each side of the tub to lift and balance it.

Tip 4: Protect it

To avoid scratches and dents, wrap the hot tub in moving blankets or heavy-duty plastic wrap. This will also help to protect the hot tub during transportation.

Final Thoughts

Moving heavy items like pianos, safes, and hot tubs requires specialized equipment and techniques to ensure safe and efficient transportation. Whether you are moving a valuable instrument or a relaxing hot tub, following the tips and tricks outlined in this article will help you move these items safely and with minimal damage. Remember to take your time, prepare in advance, and work with a team to make the process as easy as possible.

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