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You should expect your moving company to make your move the best experience possible. Whether you need help with storage pods, commercial moves, heavy items, or other various needs, you deserve an exceptional experience. That’s why the only professional movers you need are the ones at McKenzie Moving Professionals in Rochester Hills, MI.

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Residential and Commercial Moving Services

Most people experience moving in their lifetime, whether it’s a home, office, condo, factory, or other space. But not all moves require the same services. You’ll likely need either residential or commercial moving services.

Residential movers help you move to a house, apartment, or other living space. You will want to ensure your possessions are packed, loaded, and transported safely from one space to another.

With this type of move, you can have your movers do as much or as little as possible when it comes to packing. You may also be able to schedule a residential move on short notice, whereas a commercial move often takes more time to plan.

Commercial moves are often complex, with tight schedules, heavy equipment, and precise planning. Movers must work with a business to see what day and time will work to minimize lost business or production losses. The use of heavy moving equipment is frequently used to move large, bulky machinery, furniture, and other items for commercial moves.

Moving ServicesMoving Company in Rochester Hills, MI

When you move, you want the maximum amount of help you need within a single moving service. Depending on whether you need residential or commercial services, you may need:

  • Help with packing
  • Loading and unloading
  • Portable storage containers
  • Heavy item moving

Your moving experience doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. When looking for a moving service to meet all of your needs, make sure to select one that has decades of experience and exceptional customer service. Once you do, you’ll be amazed at how easy it can be to move to a new home or space!

Portable Storage Containers

So many people have learned that portable storage units can make the packing and moving process much easier! Imagine being able to pack at your leisure, put the items into the pod and have them moved to your new location without extra hassle. Pods are a safe and secure way to store the items you won’t need until after your move.

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Heavy Item Moving

People in both homes and businesses can use heavy items moving. However, a commercial move often needs special moving equipment for bulky and heavy items.

Homes can have large, heavy, tough-to-move items, too. For example, you may have a large safe, piano, hot tub, or other possessions to move to your new location. Luckily, you can get specialty item moving for residential needs, too.


How do you prepare a house for the packers?

Packing to move allows you to clean out the clutter and reconnect with your belongings. Even if someone else is going to do the majority of packing, you can prepare yourself to make it a smooth and easy process.

  • Go through your entire home, from clothing to picture frames, and declutter. Resist the urge to hold onto anything you haven’t used recently or forgot you even had stored away. Donate all usable items to your favorite thrift store.
  • Get a list of items your packers won’t pack for you. Consider if the items are even worth holding onto. You’ll be responsible for it, so make sure it’s worth it!
  • Don’t hold onto anything hazardous or perishable. Cleaning products, oils, paint, and anything else considered a chemical aren’t worth hauling to your new home alone.
  • Give away any plants you don’t want to have to move. They cannot be packed, so consider each one carefully.
  • Once the clearing out is done, make a list of all of your possessions. This can be time-consuming, but it’s essential should you need to file for an insurance claim after the move.
  • Set aside a space or room to keep everything you don’t want to be packed. This includes items you use daily and food you’re trying to use up before the move.
  • Don’t leave the fine jewelry or valuables for anyone else to pack. Put them away yourself and transport them on your person during the move.

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How do you pack storage containers?

Storage containers give you time to pack and get ready for your move at your pace. Take a look at what you want to pack and store in the container, select the right size, and have it delivered. Here are a few tips to help you load your container for the best results:

  • Make sure to catalog what you’ve packed in the container. This can help if you’ve got any insurance claims to make after your move.
  • Put in the largest, heaviest items first. These boxes should be sturdy enough to place other heavy objects on them as you pack.
  • Leave yourself some space to move through the container as you pack in case you need to have access to something already packed away. You can also fill in these spaces right before the move.
  • If you’re storing furniture in a storage container, fill the cupboards and drawers to maximize the space.
  • Don’t be afraid to pack the container to the top.
  • Cover anything that you don’t want to be exposed to dust or potential damage.
  • If you feel like something stacked is unsafe, it probably is. Rearrange the boxes and furniture for a solid foundation and build from there.

What does commercial moving mean?

When you need to move an office, factory, warehouse, or other business, you need commercial moving services. These services specialize in planning for all of the needs of the client’s move. In addition, they specialize in time-restrictive moves that require special equipment and skills for businesses.

Businesses can also find that their movers understand how a move can stall production or work time, ultimately affecting the bottom line. As a result, they can suggest days and times for the move that can have the least impact on the business’s day-to-day operations.

The right commercial moving company will be mindful of sensitive materials needing to be transported securely. There are severe consequences for exposing sensitive information, and the right service can prevent that from happening.

Need a Moving Company in Rochester Hills, MI?Moving Company in Rochester Hills, MI

Only an established, family-owned, fully licensed, and insured moving company like McKenzie Moving & Delivery Service, Inc. in Rochester Hills, MI, can give you the best experience. No matter if you need residential or commercial moving services, you won’t find anyone more skilled and willing to do whatever possible to make your move a pleasant experience. So, call 248-335-6806 or contact us using our online form today to get started.

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